Zoom Calls During COVID-19

MS Girls                                                                     MS Boys

LE Girls                                                                      LE Boys

HS Students

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Covid Permission Slip

Even though you may already have an annual permission slip; I still NEED this one to due to the COVID pandemic.

Virtual Club every Tuesday @ 4p (clickable link)

5-12th grade together….then within the same call we divide by school

Movie Night on Fridays @ 9p (clickable link)

Friday Night is MOVIE Night!!! Students will make their own popcorn, grab some hot chocolate AND their favorite blanket! Best seating in the house 🙂

8-12th grade hang out Thursdays @ 2p(clickable link)

Jump on, hang out, talk, and chill with Wolfeee! 🙂

Clink link for a good tool to help connect with God.

Campus Life Clubs


Clubs occur bi-weekly after school at both Lee Eaton Intermediate and Nordonia Middle School. Clubs are high energy, providing an opportunity for students to play games, enjoy a meal, interact with peers and mentors, and explore the way their story intersects with God’s story. Learn More

Campus Life Nordonia Hills

About Us

Campus Life Nordonia Hills combines healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Learn More

Campus Life Small Groups

Small Groups

Meeting in homes throughout the community, small groups provide opportunities for middle school boys and girls to deepen friendships and explore life as God intended it to be. These groups meet weekly throughout the school year and are designed to connect with all students regardless of their current knowledge of or relationship with God. Explore Our Small Groups

Campus Life Events


Campus Life provides multiple activities each year for students to have fun with their peers and mentors. From large scale activities such as a day with the Cleveland Indians to local events like bowling, each student has an opportunity to participate in something enjoyable. Check out our calendar to find something coming up!

Nordonia Campus Life

Parents Info

All activities are staffed by Campus Life employees and volunteers who have been through an extensive application process including background checks. Ongoing training is also required. Learn more.

Campus Life Donations


Campus Life is a non-profit organization that is funded through private donations. Clubs and small groups are provided to students and families without cost. Events typically have a charge, but at a discounted or subsidized rate to allow all students to participate. Make a Difference!